The NumberNutz Adventure Games.

(Learning with Imagination)

In a land far, far away, there lives a band of wee folk called NumberNutz.   Amongst this band of merry folk, there emerged 9 extraordinary heroes that helped to shape the customs and beliefs of these tiny people.  

Recently on an expedition to the far reaches of the world, we came upon these tiny inhabitants that we are now introducing to the rest of the world.  We hope that the introduction of the NumberNutz clan and the NumberNutz Heroes will inspire our own children to discover the Magic and Wonders of NumberNutz Numbers.

The NumberNutz Heroes    (Click on your favourite NumberNutz Hero for a close up picture)

Long before the NumberNutz Heroes introduced their amazing discovery to the NumberNutz clan, this entire band of “Nutz” was considered WILD and incredibly AGGRESSIVE.   Far too often when other clans mentioned the Nutz clan, people would only dare to whisper “Those people are NUTZ”.  Obviously, if people continually called you “Nutz”, you too would tend to become somewhat irritable.  And what was the discovery that made these 9 extra special Heroes so memorable to the NumberNutz clans?  


The NumberNutz "Tiny Totz" Game (Ages 2+)

The NumberNutz Heroes introduced the idea of Numbers to the Nutz clan and helped eliminate the age old aggressions caused by their original clan name.  Instead of always being called “Nutz", they became known as "NumberNutz".   At first they introduced the NumberNutz game to the TINY TOTZ (Ages 2+) so that they could learn about Numbers and Functions and Sounds associated with Numbers.  This initial, very simple game became known as “The Tiny Totz NumberNutz Game.”

The NumberNutz “Little Folkz” Adventure Game (Ages 8+)

As the Tiny Totz learned the basics of Numbers, our heroes introduced a new version of the game to the LITTLE FOLKZ.  The Little Folkz by this time were ages 8+ and began to learn the basics of using Numbers and Functions to win a “Pot of Very Golden Numbers”.  Each of the Little Folkz eventually developed their own unique strategies to win the “Pot of Very Golden Numbers”, which they shared with all the other Little Folkz.   The Little Folkz practiced the NumberNutz Adventures within the confines of the NumberNutz communities until by the time they were 13+, they were ready to become fully qualified NumberNutz "Explorers".

The NumberNutz "Explorers" Adventure Game (Ages 13+)


Once they reached the age of 13+,  the NumberNutz Explorers began to expand the NumberNutz Adventures outside the NumberNutz communities.   The dynamics of the NumberNutz Adventures changed dramatically at this level. Instead of only 1 Pot of Very Golden Numbers, the NumberNutz Heroes introduced individual Pots of Very Golden Numbers that all NumberNutz Explorers struggled to reach.  

This level of the NumberNutz Adventures became extremely dangerous and much more challenging than the NumberNutz "Little Folkz" Adventures.  This game introduced "Secret Codes" to the NumberNutz clan and the “Pots of Very Golden Numbers” became larger and even more prized than anyone in the NumberNutz community could have ever imagined.   Despite the dangers and life threatening deterrents such as the "Rotten Rodents", the "Fall from Nutcracker Mountain" and constant attacks by "Flying Predators", the "NumberNutz Explorers" continued to expand the range of their adventures outside the boundaries of the NumberNutz communities.  The expansion of the NumberNutz territories eventually led to the discovery of the NumberNutz clan by the rest of the world.  

The NumberNutz clan has decided to pass on their knowledge of numbers and functions to the rest of the world.  So welcome, to the "NumberNutz Adventure Games".

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