“PLUS" ADVENTURE CARDS (Little Folkz & Explorers) – Use the "Plus" Adventure card to move the NumberNutz Adventurers around the board.  But be careful.  You might end up closer to the "Pot of Very Golden Numbers" (which is what you want) or even further away (which is what you don't want) or you might accidentally set up the very next player to win the "Pot of Very Golden Numbers" (which definitely is not the aim of the game).  


“MINUS" ADVENTURE CARDS (Little Folkz & Explorers) – You’ve come to an ice glacier on the side of a mountain.  Use a Number card as a toboggan after the "Minus" Adventure card to slide your way down the glacier.  Because of the ice on the glacier you may end up even further away from the “Pot of Very Golden Numbers” or you might end up closer, or you might  accidentally set up the very next player to win the "Pot of Very Golden Numbers"

“REVERSE DIRECTION" ADVENTURE CARDS (Little Folkz & Explorers) – You've just forced a wrong turn in the next player's adventure.   Just when the player following you thinks he is getting close to the “Pot of Very Golden Numbers” you play the “Reverse Direction” Adventure card and the Adventure changes direction.  Instead of everyone playing left, now the players must play to the right.  Instead of everyone playing right, the players must play to the left.  


“SKIP MY TURN" ADVENTURE CARDS (little Folkz & Explorers) - You've stepped into a very deep puddle which slows down your Adventure while you are climbing out of the mud.  Just when the person after you is convinced they've got the winning Number card you play the “Skip My Turn” Adventure card and the next player is forced to play an Adventure card instead.  By the time it’s his turn to play again, the Adventure has changed location and the winning Number card has changed back to a regular Number card. 

"MAGIC WAND" ADVENTURE CARDS (Little Folkz) - Oh No!  The person just before you has found his way to the “Pot of Very Golden Numbers”.  But wait!  It’s supposed to be your turn next and there’s only one way to save yourself and the rest of the Adventure team.  If you have it in your backpack, grab the Magic Wand, lay it down and poof, the winning Number card magically disappears.  The Magic Wands help the Little Folkz learn about the powers of the "7 Equations that Rule the World".  Position on the board or action taken by the previous player must return to where it was previously. 


“7 EQUATIONS THAT RULE THE WORLD" ADVENTURE CARDS (Explorers) - Unlike ourselves, the NumberNutz clan believes the Universe itself is controlled by the very existence of numbers.  Instead of using technology to advance their lives, the NumberNutz manipulate Numbers to control both time and destiny.  Use the "7 Equations" card like a magic wand.   The "Seven Equations" cards can cancel any card that has just been used by the previous player.  Just like the "Magic Wand", position on the board or action taken by the previous player must return to where it was previously.

"POTS OF VERY GOLDEN NUMBERS" (Little Folkz & Explorers) - The "Pots of Very Golden Numbers" are the ultimate reward for a successful NumberNutz Adventure.  The "Pots of Very Golden Numbers" start out very small at the Little Folkz version of the game but increase tremendously in size and value at the NumberNutz Explorers level.  The "Pots of Very Golden Numbers" and the NumberNutz Numbers sustain the very core of the NumberNutz existence even to this day.

“MAGIC BUMBLEY BEE" ADVENTURE CARDS  (Little Folkz & Explorers) – The “Magic Bumbley Bee” is the NumberNutz’ very best friend.  The “Magic Bumbley Bee” Adventure Card is the most magical of all cards.  Whenever a NumberNutz Adventurer is lost and way too far from home and it’s getting dark outside, they play the “Magic Bumbley Bee” Adventure Card and they are magically transported by the "Magic Bumbley Bee" directly to the winning “Pot of Very Golden Numbers.”   The player who played the "Magic Bumbley Bee" card is automatically the winner unless, of course, the next player pulls the "7 Equations" card out of his backpack.       


"SECRET CODES" NUMBER CARDS (Explorers & Brainiacs) - Secret codes (x and y) are any number from 1 - 9.   Solve the riddle and you just might win all the “Pots of Very Golden Numbers”.  These cards are reserved for the NumberNutz Explorers.


"WILDERNESS" NUMBER CARDS (Explorers) – There’s a little bit of magic to the “Wilderness” Number Card.    Read this card carefully as each “Wilderness” Number Card has a little bit of magic to it along with some heavy restrictions. 

“ROOTZ" NUMBER CARDS (Brainiacs) – This card is reserved for the NumberNutz Explorers Brainiac Pack.  This card can be played in lieu of a Number Card or an Adventure Card but only when it’s your turn.  This is a sneaky card.  It might get you closer to the “Pots of Very Golden Numbers” or at just the right time and under the right circumstances it might even win you the game.  But be careful.  If there is no shortcut to this card you’ve wasted your turn. 

“NUMBERNUTZ COMPASS" ADVENTURE CARDS (Explorers) – The “NumberNutz Compass” Adventure card is a magic card that forces the next player to move in any direction you dictate.  It’s like having a “Plus” Adventure Card, a “Minus” Adventure Card, a “Multiply” Adventure Card (2x) and a “Divide” Adventure Card (1/2) all in 1 magic card. The “NumberNutz Compass” Adventure Cards were introduced by the NumberNutz Explorers to make sure no Explorer ever gets permanently lost during their Adventures.

"FLYING PREDATORS" ADVENTURE CARDS (Explorers) - As if it wasn't difficult enough, the NumberNutz Explorers have to face even more threats.  Beware of the "Flying Predators" as the only thing that can possibly save you is if you happen to have a "7 Equations" card hidden in your backpack.  This card is reserved for the NumberNutz Explorers.

"ROTTEN RODENTS" ADVENTURE CARD (Explorers) - Nothing is as dangerous or as disgusting to the NumberNutz clan as the Rotten Rodents.  If you can live through the smell of the "Rotten Rodents" perhaps the "7 Equations" card hidden in your backpack will save you from their ferocious appetites.  This card is reserved for the NumberNutz Explorers.

"NUTCRACKER MOUNTAIN" ADVENTURE CARDS (Explorers) - The "NutCracker" Adventure Card is one of the most dangerous cards of all.  Lay down this card and the next player may not survive the Fall from the Precipice of "NutCracker Mountain".  The only thing that may save him is if he has a "7 Equations" card hidden in his backpack.  This card is reserved for the NumberNutz Explorers.