Who We Are

    The NumberNutz Adventure Games started with a dream which I initially brought to life with the assistance of our local Adult Education Graphics Arts department.   Eventually as I gained more knowledge and exposure to kids at the elementary and high school levels, the very simple game which I originally dreamed of, morphed into the NumberNutz Adventure Games.   I retired from GE Aircraft Engines after 26 years of leading global implementations of IT applications and managing worldwide support organizations.  It was then that I discovered my passion for writing short stories and putting together children's games.

     My wife enriched the lives of elementary and high school special education students for over 30 years.  I called upon her expertise and child like insights to help come up with a game that would capture the imaginations and interests of                                                                                               children around the globe.  And so the NumberNutz Heroes were born....

The NumberNutz Adventures Team

Carol Williams (Nanny)                                                     Danny Williams (Poppy)                                               Stephanie MacKay                                               Special Education Technician                                               Story Teller, Inventor                                               Artiste Extraordinaire

                                                                                                         "Little Folkz Short Stories"                       www.stephaniemackayillustration.com/

Social Responsibility

The NumberNutz Team believes strongly in making a quality product and giving back to society by acting in a socially responsible manner.  In an effort to live up to these high expectations we have created a quality game which instills confidence, encourages the personal growth of children and helps to establish a long term passion for learning.


1) Quality of Product - The game mechanics of the NumberNutz Adventure Games are completely original and unlike any other game mechanics on the market.


2) The Quality of the games have been under development for over 5 years.  They have been tested and approved at the Pre-K, elementary, secondary, high school, home teaching, university and school board levels.  We even tested the NumberNutz Explorers with a bunch of senior citizens.  We had a blast !!

3) The Quality of the materials used in our games are superior grade.  We also strive to ensure that our products are eco-friendly and utilize renewable resources whenever possible.

4) The developers are all professionals and have more than 50 years of combined experience in their fields.

5) Global Benefits - As mentioned previously, the NumberNutz Adventures help to instill confidence, encourages the personal growth of children and establishes a long term passion for learning which ultimately benefits the entire global community. 

6)  Social Responsibility - By participating in our Kickstarter project, the entire Kickstarter community gives back to society by helping make our games available free of charge to underprivileged schools around the world. 

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"A healthy mind without appropriate challenges is an incredible waste"

Danny "Poppy" Williams
Stephanie MacKay

Carol "Nanny" Williams

The NumberNutz Adventures Team