The NumberNutz Adventure Games.

(Learning with Imagination)

Who, exactly are the Number Nutz?  Are we talking about  university professors, high school teachers or just ordinary people who happen to like numbers?  Are they an organized group of scientists operating in secrecy to gain control of the world?   Actually...

The Number Nutz are a band of really tiny people (think toe size) who live in the mountains and valleys of the wildest, most remote areas of the world.  Until now, we had no idea that they even existed, until one of our staff members accidentally sat on what he thought was a stone but what actually turned out to be a living, breathing Nut.  Can you imagine his surprise when this particular Nut started yelling and cursing at him?  "Hey you, get your fat butt off of me."  But I digress.....

The NumberNutz clan has come a long, long way.  In the past the "Nutz" clan was considered aggressive and somewhat hostile.

Everything changed when they discovered the magic of NumberNutz Numbers.  

The NumberNutz folks are what you might call focused.  Don't ever call them Nutz.  They are, as they proudly exclaim, NumberNutz.  They use numbers to forge the world in which they live, they are itty bitty Explorers that manipulate the numbers that shape the world around them.  They have no need for machines, industrialization, manufacturing or consumption of the world's resources.  They exist in a world where Numbers control everything, where the accumulated knowledge of generations of NumberNutz has created their very own "Garden of Eden".

The NumberNutz clan has decided to share their knowledge of Numbers in order to create a better planet for all.  And so, we are introducing the NumberNutz Adventure Games to the world....

The NumberNutz Adventure Games

(Learning with Imagination)